Built for life’s disasters.

UNSHOOK is electrifying the world through our hand-crafted streetwear and powerful community. Creating Disaster Tested clothing for Disaster Tested people, UNSHOOK is a platform for people to turn their struggles into strength.

Meet some UNSHOOK people:

The videos above connect with some of the most powerful people we’ve met since beginning this journey. Through each of their scars, they’ve proven exactly what it means to be UNSHOOK.

Sustainability & Ethics

Sustainability & Ethics

As of today, a majority of the products we produce are 100% recycled and add zero additional pollution to our planet. Many of our products are designed and produced in California and it is our objective to bring even more of our production to the U.S. while increasing our recycling efforts.

Thank You

Thank you for helping us motivate the planet while still taking care of it. Your support is pushing UNSHOOK forward to becoming an even cleaner and more positive company for everyone.