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Welcome to the first episode of Disaster Tested featuring Poser. We were able to chop it up and break down some of Poser’s struggles as he’s made his own lane as a rapper in San Diego. Watch the video below to see all the ways Poser makes it through his own disasters.

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Even More Strength

As a California streetwear brand, it’s so cool to be able to link up with individuals like Poser and talk about what they like to wear and how clothing can add to there confidence.

Poser and I got a little deeper and while speaking off-camera, he opened up a little more about his come up. This includes getting kicked out of his parents’ house. He was at a point in his life that many of ourselves find ourselves in: deciding between pursuing an education or chasing your dreams. After dropping out of college, Poser was later kicked out to the streets where he had no option but to find a way to make it. The world’s Battlefield was simply another challenge Poser knew he could overcome, which is truly inspiring.

Take Poser’s resilient instinct and apply it to your own life. Go chase what you love and always remain UNSHOOK, through any disasters life throws at you. Click here to shop the clothes inspired by Poser’s strength and show the world how UNSHOOK you are.

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Watch the full extended interview on YouTube by clicking here: CLICK ME!



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