Addiction, Suicide Attempts, being 24 and have lost both my parents, homelessness


There was a point in my life where I lived only for drugs and alcohol. I was homeless, I only have enough money to eat with whatever was on my EBT card but usually I’d sell that so I could get high, I’d let men have their way with me so I could get the things I needed. Today I have 2.5 years sober, today I show up for the people I love, I was able to walk through the loss of my last remaining parents death unphased by the temptations that were around me at the time. I remain unshook with constant love, support and endless growth from the people I love. So many of them wrote me off, today I’m reliable, I’m a friend, I’m a person with respect. I couldn’t have done it without the Universe. Always blessed by divine timing. If I can live through it, so can you.

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